Radiostream server network


Our unique network combines over a dozen streaming servers in Europe and United States.

The Radiostream server network is one of the largest, independent SHOUTcast streaming platforms in Europe. Our network provides streams to thousands of listeners on a monthly basis. It has an extraordinarily high availability of over 99.9% of the month.

Our current data center locations are in Düsseldorf, Hanover, Berlin and Munich.

Multi-Home Streaming

Experienced Internet radio operators have already had to do with bandwidth bottlenecks. The result: traffic congestion where the sound increases and the streams get jerky.

Not us: With Multi-Home Streaming, Radiostream has developed a method to solve this problem almost completely by broadcasting simultaneously from multiple servers from different locations. The audience is sent to one of the servers depending on the utilization on free servers.

Radiostream Server Status - Our Quality Assurance


We place high value on the flawless operation of the stream servers for your success. We monitor the systems around the clock to protect you from interference and failures.

And the results of the measurements are at any time available to the public on our Status Server Status Page.

The vast majority of system faults can be resolved so quickly that there is no effect on customer streams.

bullet1.gif Status Server Status Page