How it works

with streaming live radio from Radiostream


Internet radio is easy! It is simply radio which is available to listeners anywhere and everywhere in the world.

In order to broadcast live you do not need complicated technology. It's simple: All you need to start is the widely available Winamp player with the SHOUTcast plug-in and a Radiostream plan.

With these you can transfer your live broadcast from your PC to the Radiostream server. The Radiostream network relay broadcasts your livestream to all your listeners worldwide.

And even if occasionally you cannot be present, ..

... you can automate your radio programme to transmit unattended at the right time.

This is done by setting up a programme before the broadcast time, for instance for a late-night broadcast. You can either set up a specific play order, or you can stream your choices in random order.

You can implement this function by using STREAMBOX™. sboxmini.png