Who we are

Internet radio for over 8 years

Radiostream - founded in 2001 - belong to the oldest and most experienced streaming providers in Germany, and yet - or perhaps precisely therefore - we are different. Although we offer very attractive pricing, nevertheless we are also open to the special requests you, our customer, might have. We arrange your Radiostream packages as individually required. With us you stand front and center.

Security and reliability are at the very top of our priority list. We are experienced and therefore we know what it is all about. We offer a stable enterprise to you for your Internet radio during a long period - without unpleasant surprises. With our unique quality assurance we supervise all Streams around the clock.

High achievement, excellent availability and unique functionality of servers: To this end we use our own equipment with high-performance Internet backbones and peering at several locations in various high-tech data centers across Germany. With our proven Multihome Streaming we improve the efficiency of large streams. With the STREAMBOX coupling you can even broadcast an unmanned programme with server-based play lists right around the clock. With our XML interface you can manage your stream from your own applications, and with the ICQ control even while travelling.

Flexibility: If your needs change, we simply adapt our service to you. For example, no additional costs result if you want to change to another package or if you need to alter your already set up features. If you need an individual package, we will gladly create one for you at a moment's notice. We are successful when our customers are.

We do not copy other web pages - we are the original! Because we understand our job. Therefore you can be safe in the knowledge that our first-rate offer will continue to exist in proven form and, above all, that our principles will never change.

You can rely on us.

Owner: Radiostream